Transformative Birth Work

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This is the complete Transformative Birth Work course. There are over 100 videos from Dr Melanie Jackson, Dr Sarah Buckley, Dr Rachel Reed, Jessie Johnson-Cash, Prof. Hannah Dahlen AND Dr Kirsten Small available for a one-off payment

Welcome to Transformative Birth Work

Through your transformative birth work journey you’ll discover how a strong, confident and capable person is born out of the experience of holding onto autonomy in birth. After doing this work you’ll emerge equipped and transformed to give birth in the way you choose, to support someone you love to give birth in the way they choose or care for a woman in such a way that she feels autonomous and positively transformed by her experience

This work is for women, their support people, doulas, midwives and obstetricians alike. 

Birth is always transformative and you can make it a positive transformation by being the authoritative decision-maker and by setting up a scenario where your decisions will be supported.

This is life changing work, and it is just that, work. It's the work of investigating, preparing, planning and educating yourself so that you can take responsibility over what happens to you and your family during birth.

In the current system of how birth care is given, you can’t expect that your care providers are going to deliver you a birth experience that will be positive or empowering, you are going to need to curate that yourself (along with the help of your support crew). This is the somewhat unfortunate circumstance facing women today, but its reality.

Invest in transformative birth work so that you and your family can reap the life long benefits of a transformative birth.

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Birth is always transformative 

We have been deceived by the current conversation about birth. We have been led to believe that birth is a frightening physical experience that we must endure in order to meet our babies. We have been fed the lie that our bodies are faulty and are no good at giving birth. We have been told that we need the help of experts and equipment in order to have a hope of a healthy baby. 

Current maternity care focuses on all the ways a woman's body could fail her baby and doesn't truely serve the needs of women. We can't rely on mainstream maternity care models to offer a transformative birth - we can't wait and hope for mass systematic change around how maternity care is given. Its time to take responsibility into our own hands and curate positive, transformative birth scenarios for ourselves. 

The truth is, that birth is a profound and transformative physical, emotional, social, spiritual and psychological experience. The birthing body cannot be separated from the birthing mind. Birth, most of the time, will unfold physiologically, normally and safely without intervention. 

The truth is that the current maternity care system is failing to properly care for the needs of a woman in labour. Women are not being prioritised or respected in their care and this is leading to increased rates of birth trauma and perpetuating fear of the birth process. 

Birth is nothing like what we have been led to believe, it is so different, so transformative, so amazing and so unbelievably empowering. There is a formula for transformative birth - when women are the authority in their birth space and respected as the boss of their body and their baby, the door opens for a transformative birth experience 

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Transformative Birth Work

This work is unique, rebellious and counter-cultural. the work you do here will provide you with the opportunity to experience a birth that will transform you for the better and reduce the opportunity for feelings of trauma around birth.

This is not a usual course. We won’t be doing visualisations, meditations, affirmations or salutations and It’s not a course that will adhere to the usual teachings about labour or birth. Instead, This work challenges medical and social assumptions about childbirth and most Importantly, will prepare you for advocacy, to advocate for yourself or your loved one during pregnancy and birth. 

This work is for:

  • women
  • partners/supporters 
  • Birth workers
  • Medical professionals
  • Allied health care providers
  • everyone who seeks to facilitate transformative birth experiences.

By doing this work You will go deep into understanding the physiological processes of labour and birth, but you will hear it in a way that no textbook could ever explain. We are going to share with you the reality of birth and not the classic depictions of birth divided into ‘stages’ or dictated by ‘time’. 


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Invest in Transformative birth work

Transformative birth work is an ever growing online learning platform; The content is ever expanding. When you purchase transformative birth work this gives you lifetime access to the course. 

Sample Transformative birth work with this gift of 3 free webinars from the course