COVID-19 relief strategies for pregnant and birthing families 

Practical Strategies for pregnant and birthing families:

  • Make every effort to stay together - this is your time to create a family together. If you are being encouraged to seperate, resist this and make plans that will allow you to keep close to each other eg: stay home as long as you can in labour and attend hospital as close to birth as possible, go home early from hospital after birth and hire some help such as a postnatal doula, a private midwife and/or lactation consultant to help. 
  • Educate yourself about advocacy strategies - YOU have the power and ability to advocate for yourself during this time. It might be scary and new to you BUT this is the time to start working on standing up for yourselves and living with power and influence over what happens to you and your family eg: hire a doula to help teach you and educate you about advocacy strategies, do the COVID-19 mini-run transformative birth work course, its cheap and affordable and will give you what you need in an online format. 
  • Call your care provider and to stay up to date with changes to your care - each maternity service will be responding to COVID-19 differently. Contact your particular care provider to find out what is happening for YOU and ignore what is happening for everyone else. The circumstances are changing daily and sometimes hourly. What women are told from one day to the next will change. This has lead to mis-information being spread and touted as fact. The only way you will find out what is happening for you personally is to make contact with your care provider yourself. They may not be able to contact you to update you on changes because of the volume of work that this creates. Can you imagine trying to keep everyone updated all the time!
  • Turn off the news - rather than allowing the media to feed you what they want you to hear, pursue information that you need for yourself and then disconnect from the rest. It doesn't serve you and is designed to illicit fear and hype. 
  • Follow recommendations of social distancing, good hygiene and unnecessary travel - There are less than 6000 cases of confirmed coronavirus cases in Australia and under 50 deaths. If you follow the government imposed restrictions your chances of contracting or spreading coronavirus are extremely small. 
  • Make an effort to stay well and healthy - If you are well and healthy with no signs of a cold or flu you are more likely to be able yo stay together as a family during your time of pregnancy and birth. If you or your birthing partner are exhibiting signs of sickness you may be treated with suspicion. 

Aimee (@ripsnorter) from and I sat down on april 8th to brain storm and discuss practical options for birthing families in the time of COVID-19  

Aimee is a Transpersonal Mentor, Transpersonal Birth Mentor & Birth Companion, a Mother of two, a lover, a believer in and advocate for radical self responsibility, body autonomy, expansive conscious relationship (with self and others), the power of pleasure and the importance of conscious relationship, birth and parenting for the future of children, families, the Earth and the collective. 


April 6th position statement

This statement was accurate at the time of release, circumstances may have changed since. This video was borne out of my observations about the current conversation in Australia about COVID-19 and how this is impacting upon pregnant, birthing and parenting women and families. Created and posted April 6th 2020.

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